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Call for proposals

Proposals accepted any time and are kept on file for 1 year.  

Hey Crafters,

Handmade U invites you, as an experienced crafter, to partner with our studio to become one of our crafty professors and teach a craft workshop.  The mission of HandmadeU is to inspire creativity in others which we accomplish by teaching folks how to craft and how to start their handmade businesses. We are a small studio located in North Philadelphia that believes in the power of small hands-on workshops that offer participants a lot of value.

To expand our offerings, we are excited to offer this unique opportunity to collaborate with us.  If interested, we look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposal.

We encourage you to read this entire document before submitting your proposal.  Once you are ready you can submit your proposal here.

Proposal Tips

  • Classes can range from 1-3 hours.
    • Evening classes held daily between 6pm – 9pm.
    • Saturday and Sunday classes held 10am – 12pm or 2pm – 4pm
    • Classes outside of these time frames can be negotiated.
  • As the facilitator, you can set the course fee and supply fee.
    • For the course fee, we recommend $15-$20/hour plus your supply fee.
    • You must submit an itemized supply list with your proposal to ensure we can answer potential questions regarding your supply fee.
  • We set a maximum of 10 participants for a hands-on workshop. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of workshop.
  • If classes are geared towards children or youth under the age of 18, you are required to complete and submit a copy of all three clearances:

HandmadeU Support

HandmadeU will advertise your class by including it in our printed catalog, online catalog, and general semester promotions. Handmade U will provide social media templates that you can brand to utilize on your platforms.  Your classes will benefit from YOUR promotional efforts. 

Handmade U will provide one assistant for your workshop who will meet you up to 1 hour before your class time and assist you with accessing the space, setting up the space, participant check-in, support throughout your workshop, and assistance with clean up after the workshop.  There is a snack cart in the studio, your guests are welcome to enjoy these light refreshments.

Handmade U will support new and returning instructors by providing an orientation and class planning session 2x a year and assisting with curriculum development.


  • Instructors must submit a W-9 form to Handmade U before any payments are processed.
  • Instructors are paid 40% of the course fee and 100% of the supply fee after their workshop.

Term Dates:

    • Fall Term (runs from September 15 – December 15)
    • Spring Term (runs from February 15 – May 15)

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Considerations before becoming a HandmadeU Craft Professor: 

  • Prior Experience:
    • While we do not require a certain level of education or formal training to facilitate a workshop, we ask that upon request, you provide evidence of your experience with your proposed workshop. 
  • Crafting Knowledge:
    • It is crucial to have a deep understanding of your craft, including the techniques, products, and tools used. Additionally, you should be able to effectively demonstrate and guide participants in creating art or craft projects.
  • Communication Skills:
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • The ability to effectively engage with diverse populations and age groups.
  • Organizational Abilities:
    • Strong organizational skills to assist in workshop preparation and execution.
    • Ordering and managing craft supplies efficiently.
  • Creativity and Encouragement:
    • Motivate and inspire creativity among workshop participants.
    • Foster a positive, inclusive, and creative environment during sessions.
  • Safety Awareness:
    • Ensure all participants follow safety guidelines during the workshop.
    • Maintain a safe and clean workshop space.
  • Administrative Support:
    • Communicate with your class participants in advance of class.
    • Prepare handouts and supporting documents.
  • Marketing Support
    • Assist in the distribution of both physical and digital copies of the workshop catalog.
    • Market your workshop on all your social media platforms.
  • Passion for Crafting
    • If you love what you are sharing, it will shine through.  These workshops are designed to share what you love, and while you will likely not get rich from teaching classes, we hope this opportunity will fuel your passion.


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